An American folding box is a real classic and is still one of the most used shipping boxes in the Netherlands. This shipping package is also called a folding box because the 4 flaps (at the top and bottom) of the box must be folded together to close the box. You then close the box with packing tape and a tape dispenser . In addition to the convenience of folding and preparing the packaging for shipment, the American shipping box is also one of the cheapest shipping boxes. The range includes white shipping boxes and brown shipping boxes and are available in many sizes.

Buy American folding box? These are the benefits

Price wise very interesting

Easy and quick to fold

Available in many different sizes

Due to flat (flat) delivery, it takes up little space in the warehouse

FSC® certified shipping boxes #MileuAware

How sturdy are the US shipping boxes?

The American shipping boxes come in different thicknesses and qualities. The most important characteristic of the quality of the packaging is the type of corrugation of the packaging. A distinction is made here between single wave and double wave packaging. Single corrugated shipping boxes are suitable (depending on the shape of the product) for products up to approx. 15 kilograms. Above 15 kilograms, we recommend using a double corrugated shipping box for shipping.

What is corrugated cardboard?

When you look at the cross-section of cardboard, you will see that cardboard consists of different layers. The outer and inner layer always consist of a layer of paper (liner). In between is a kind of wavy intermediate layer (the wave). This wave is available in different heights; this determines the extent to which the wave absorbs impacts. A single wave can therefore consist of different thicknesses.

With the double wave, the packaging has an extra wave (liner-wave-liner-wave-liner). These waves can have the same height or different waves. For example; one 5mm wave + one 3mm wave. A double corrugated packaging is therefore super strong. The thickness of the corrugation is shown in the product specifications on the product pages. Based on the weight of your product, determine which wave quality is required for safe shipment.

How do you determine the size of a shipping box?

Measure the longest side of the product you will be shipping. Enter this dimension in the filter called "length". The length is always the longest side of the American shipping box. Then measure the other two sides of the product. Check whether this size fits the width or height of the remaining packages. All stated dimensions of the products are the internal dimensions of the packaging. We advise to keep a margin of a few millimeters, so that you can be sure that your product fits perfectly in the packaging. The closer the size of the product is to the inner dimensions of the packaging, the better! This prevents the product from having a lot of slack in the packaging, which causes damage to the products. Because the packaging closely matches the size of the product, less protective material or filling material needs to be used. This saves you costs. Moreover, the consumer is not at all waiting for shipping boxes that are too large. This is one of the biggest points of irritation, according to research by

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