Kraft paper on a roll is widely used for filling shipping packaging or as wrapping paper to ensure that products arrive at the customer undamaged. Does the shipping box just not fit perfectly to the product and do you want to prevent sliding in the packaging , with a high risk of damage? Then Natron kraft paper is a great solution for this. This paper is a good buffer between all (fragile) items and very suitable for filling empty spaces in, for example, shipping boxes. Tip: don't make the wads too 'tight', but keep them voluminous, this saves you the use of paper and increases the buffering power of the paper. More sustainable, cheaper and better protected.

Kraft paper stuffing material

The brown soda paper is made of long wood fibers (a natural property of soda kraft) which makes the material extremely strong. As a result, soda paper has a high tear resistance and box stab resistance. Soda paper is made of natural material, making it 100% recyclable. Despite the fact that soda kraft is extremely strong, it still remains foldable and flexible.

The kraft paper on a roll is popular among web shops because of the relatively low price per meter. In addition, consumers often experience paper as more sustainable than plastic air bags or bubble wrap .

Kraft paper as wrapping paper

We see more and more customers using our natron kraft paper as wrapping paper. Combine this with colorful ribbons and you soon have a cheerful packaging with an environmentally friendly look.

Different sizes of kraft paper

At you buy soda kraft paper in rolls from 350 meters. Natronkraft paper is available in 50 or 70 grams and available in widths from 30 to 120 cm. The higher the number of grams, the firmer the soda paper is. The following also applies: the firmer the paper, the higher the puncture resistance.

Unwinders for kraft paper

Looking for a quick way to tear or cut the paper? Then take a look at our various dispensers .