Bubble envelopes, also known as bubble envelopes or bubble envelopes, ensure that you can send your products well protected. Vulnerable or fragile products in particular are well protected by the bubble wrap contained in the bubble envelopes. These provide maximum shock absorption so that books, electronics or a catalog can be sent easily and well protected. Do you want to buy a type of bubble envelope? Choose sturdy, cheap bubble envelopes and immediately save on your shipping costs. Ecompack offers a wide range of standardized bubble envelopes that are suitable for delivery services such as PostNL and DHL.

Advantages of Ecompack bubble envelopes

✔ Maximum shock absorption with AirCap technology

✔ Save time with the self-adhesive closing strip

✔ Save directly on your shipping costs

✔ Available in many different sizes or colors

✔ Fully recyclable #Environmental awareness

Bubble envelopes A4, A5, A6 and more

Bubble envelopes are available at Ecompack in all sizes. In addition to the most popular sizes of bubble envelopes A4 and A5, we also offer A6, A3 bubble envelopes. You can also contact us for small bubble envelopes. Our bubble envelopes are equipped with a self-adhesive closing strip, which makes packing even easier. In addition, this offers the customer more comfort when unpacking his package, so that he can cause less damage to the contents.

In addition to the size of the bubble envelopes, there is also a choice of color. You can order both brown and white bubble envelopes from us.

Bubble Plastic Envelopes: Budget vs. premium envelopes

Do you want to buy a type of bubble envelope? Take into account the different possibilities. The outside of the bubble envelopes is made of coated kraft paper. The inside of our protective envelopes feature bubble wrap or bubble wrap to protect the contents. We use the AirCap technology, a way to provide extra cushioning and shock resistance. The protective envelopes are therefore extremely strong and yet lightweight. Moreover, this ensures that the inner lining is extra smooth, which makes packing extra easy.

Of course we also consider sustainability. All bubble envelopes are fully recyclable.

Order bubble envelopes?

Simply buy bubble envelopes? Use our shop with possibly. free shipping or contact customer service.

Aren't bubble envelopesb quite what you're looking for? Or are you looking for something even firmer? As an alternative, we also offer a wide range of letterbox boxes and mailing bags to be able to send relatively small products in a cheap way.