With more than a thousand packaging products in stock, we have a solution for almost every packaging requirement. We have an amazing global purchasing power , which allows us to guarantee the best price-quality ratio. We've got our affairs in order. But are we unique in this? We don't think so. There are many competitors who also have these things in order. Let's be honest. How do we distinguish ourselves from competitors?

We save time

Your time is precious. For you - as well as for us - it's about making your customer happy with beautiful products and you're very busy with that. And although good packaging is essential to deliver your beautiful product to your customer completely and undamaged, you don't really feel like spending a lot of time finding packaging. Are we hot? These just have to be good and have a good price-quality ratio. We understand that very well, which is why we apply innovative techniques to make (re)ordering the packaging materials as easy and fast as possible. We strive for the same successful result, but in half the time. Just count how much (time) you save ;-).

We help choose

Do you feel like you're lost in the jungle because of all the different packaging options? And don't you know how you can pack smarter, cheaper and better? Trust us, you are not alone. With relevant blogs, videos, product instructions and innovative filters, we help you to increase your knowledge and skills. We do this as transparent, accessible and fun as possible. We believe that - through our knowledge transfer - you are better able to choose the right packaging solution for your products.

We become more sustainable

We do sustainability together. I realize it's a huge cliché, but it's true. The packaging industry is under a magnifying glass when it comes to sustainability. And consumers expect more and more from you as a supplier. We see it as our responsibility to let you make environmentally conscious choices. For this we will provide you with tips and tricks throughout the entire ordering process at Ecompack to inform you about the sustainability of the products on the one hand and to make your packaging process even more sustainable on the other. And yes, even if this is at the expense of our operating result.

We have a no nonsense mentality; do you have wishes, ideas or crazy brainwaves that can make ordering more fun and easier? Then we would like to hear from you via our contact form . We like to be challenged!

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