You can order shipping packaging with the greatest of ease at . With over a thousand different packaging options, we always have a packaging solution for you! Our goal is to provide web shops and other traders with high-quality shipping packaging at affordable prices.

But which shipping packaging best suits your product? We explain the different packaging briefly and simply below.

American folding boxes

American folding box shipping packaging

This shipping packaging is perhaps the world's most famous box and is widely used by web shops and moving companies. The American folding box is also known to specialists as the fefco 0201 box (model type). The box has four flaps on both sides, which must be folded closed manually and with packaging tape are tied together. This is actually the simplest box in the range. Beautiful in simplicity shall we say ;-).

Mailbox boxes

Mailbox box shipping packaging

Letterbox boxes are suitable for sending smaller, light products that fit through the letterbox. With a letterbox box you protect and present your products optimally and you also save on postage costs because letterbox post is much cheaper than parcel post. Another advantage of a letterbox box is that the recipient does not have to be at home. Our letterbox boxes are available with an opening on the short and long side. The largest letterbox box has a size of 350 x 250 x 28 mm (inner dimensions).

Autolock boxes

What is an autolock box? An autolock box is a box, as the name suggests, with an automatic 'lock'. The construction of the autolock box is designed for optimum ease of set-up. In contrast to the American folding box, this box folds itself, so to speak. This is super handy, because it allows you to pack more in a short time. In addition, you use less tape, which is more environmentally friendly, but often also looks a bit neater. Many autolock boxes are provided with an adhesive strip, so that the tape is no longer visible to the customer. Autolock boxes are - together with letterbox boxes for smaller products - by far the most popular e-commerce packaging.


Cardboard envelopes Good shipping envelopes are indispensable if you want to send something in a reliable way. In our webshop you can choose from a very wide range of envelopes in different variants. From small to large and from simple envelopes to Bubble Envelopes . With the right envelope, your product will reach its destination in a safe and reliable manner. Are you looking for an envelope that offers the highest protection? Then choose our bubble envelopes or cardboard envelopes