Flo Pack Filler Chips

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Flo-pak® filler chips protect against impact and keep products in place.

The 8-shaped Flo-pak® filling chips are flexible, particularly shock-absorbing and self-blocking. Due to this 8-shape, it has the highest shock absorption of all types of filling chips. The filling chips fit together very well and enclose the products perfectly in the box, keeping them in place. Flo-pak® is one of the easiest materials to fill your boxes. There is no need to fold, knead or shape protective material. You pour in the chips and you're done. Super simple and fast! Use Flo-pak® as follows for optimal protection of your products:

  1. Fill the bottom of the box with Flo-pak®
  2. Place your product on the first layer of Flo-pak®
  3. Fill the box with a second layer of Flo-pak®

We have two types of Flo-pak® in our range; Flo-pak® standard and Flo-pak® green .

Flo-pak® standard (500 litres)

Flo-pak® Standard is an extremely versatile cushioning material made from 100% recycled and reclaimed polystyrene. Flo-pak® is CFC and chlorine free. In addition, this filling material is antistatic, dust-free and impervious to water.

Flo-pak® green (400 litres)

In contrast to Flo-pak® standard (with an open 8-shape), this filler chip has a closed 8-shape. The closed 8-shape makes it unrivaled for slightly heavier goods and for a longer storage period. Even under pressure, the filling chips retain their shape optimally. The Bio variant is made from corn and is therefore 100% compostable within 14 days. With this you are super environmentally friendly!
These Flo pack items consist of two bags.

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